The Future of work


Extreme change requires leaders to adopt new forms of leadership. The Future of Work is an academy focusing on setting you up for success by embedding change and innovative tendencies in a Nordic leadership approach as a means to enhance your organization’s ability to embrace the future of work.

Innovation Centre Denmark, Transforma & International Management Education (IME) have designed an exploration of innovation and modern-day high performance based on Nordic leadership haracteristics. You will experience how this inclusive, trusting and collaborative style holds value as a leadership model for the future. Through a line of workshops, developing an individual future of work-case and a five-day academy in Silicon Valley, the outcome of participating in the Future of Work is to:

  • develop your leadership skills,
  • identify your organizational challenges,
  • create a platform for real change,
  • collect inspiration from the innovation frontline,
  • and establish relationships across organizations & borders.

Real organizational change prerequisites development on both a personal and organizational level. To accomplish this, the learning journey is rooted in a sophisticated framework of sychological elements.

Create real organizational change and develop personally through 4 steps:

  1. Workshop 1: Teaming up for the Future of Work
  2. Post workshop 1: Refine FOW-case & anchor the journey
  3. Academy – The SiliconValley insight
  4. Workshop 2: Enacting and enabling the FOW-case

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Total Package DKK 38.000 ex. VAT
*The FOW-certificate is a certificate of participation validating that each participant has completed the FOW learning journey

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